The Things We Carry

We read Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried in high school and it's stuck with me ever since. It's a brilliant piece of metafiction short stories, describing the things soldiers carried into the field during the Vietnam War. The soldiers didn't just carry guns and 80 pound packs; they carry loved ones, fallen friends, murdered … Continue reading The Things We Carry

Your Embrace

Have you ever swam underwater while it’s raining? There’s something mind-blowing about the effect of double water 😛 Or recall those dramatic slow-motion clips from movies where the protagonist is floating in a swimming pool…It’s a fantastic moment of focus, like all your other senses slip away.


Dear dad, I feel contented, dad! You know what it's like, too, to feel a moment of calm within a racing mind. I'm sitting alone at dawn in the coffeehouse and drinking an espresso I know you'd love. I want to give you a call and tell you how contented I feel because there's nothing … Continue reading Dad!