Cookie thoughts

My mother taught me that the pages of cookbooks are best splattered with sauces And since then I scamper barefoot through the forest And collect bruises on my skin like chocolate chip cookies.          


Pep Talk: You are appreciated

A couple weeks ago at work my coworker asked "do you ever feel like you're super annoying and everyone is just pretending to put up with you to be nice?" Every person on staff said yes aside from me. It's not that I don't have my moments where I feel like an inconvenience, a klutz, … Continue reading Pep Talk: You are appreciated

Your Embrace

Have you ever swam underwater while it’s raining? There’s something mind-blowing about the effect of double water 😛 Or recall those dramatic slow-motion clips from movies where the protagonist is floating in a swimming pool…It’s a fantastic moment of focus, like all your other senses slip away.


Dear dad, I feel contented, dad! You know what it's like, too, to feel a moment of calm within a racing mind. I'm sitting alone at dawn in the coffeehouse and drinking an espresso I know you'd love. I want to give you a call and tell you how contented I feel because there's nothing … Continue reading Dad!