Summer Construction

My mind feels completely chaotic right now. It’s like the construction on 76th Ave. Sometimes there’s a left turn lane, sometimes not. Sometimes there’s a bulldozer backing up at 5kmph. And sometimes the road’s entirely closed.

Out to Lunch.jpg
My mind’s on holiday, completely out to lunch!

It’s that time of the year. In Canada, road construction only has four months of sunshine to get done. So as soon as the snow melts troops of orange signs and bulldozers take to the city streets. Similarly, the university term ends and flocks of students scatter to patios, internships, and summer job interviews.

Summer is always a little cruel to students. They drive you at a back-breaking pace then expect you to recover gracefully when the work drops off all of the sudden like a cliff.

Summer Cliff
The Summer Cliff

I’m experiencing a bit of whiplash. At first, it’s thrilling that all your work is gone, and you get to sit in your PJs on the couch for most of the day. But, just like the harsh incline of the term’s workload, the experience is highly anticlimactic. It doesn’t lead anywhere. After all the buildup and excitement over summer plans, you realize you’re sitting in your PJs on your couch, not lounging with celebrities at Palm Bay.

Or maybe you are. But I’m not. I’ve always been a highly motivated person but this year I’m stuck somewhere in limbo between cliff and palm tree. It’s given me far too much time to brew in my own thoughts, creating quite the traffic jam. Half of me loves the hedonistic everyday sleep-ins and three day weekends that no school and a meagre 15 hour work week have allowed me. The other half of me is bored as hell and dying to get out there and kick some ass (including my own).

I’ve been listening to Prince’s “Kiss” on repeat all day because I’m not sure how to solve this problem other than pumping myself up. As my mum says, confidence comes from doing, so solo kitchen karaoke must count for something.

Construction Season.jpg

Happy construction season! Any advice for getting my personal life back into motion?

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